Jessica's Platform


Jessica is running because she believes that democracy works best when people have choices. She isn’t a lifelong politician, but she is a proud progressive and lifelong Democrat who knows exactly how smart, thoughtful public policy can change a life and save a future—and how cruel policy can destroy both. Her experiences will support and inform people-first legislation and budget priorities. 

Jessica supports policies that empower people to seize opportunities, but also knows that opportunity itself must be protected. That journey starts with stellar public education for all, and improving higher education access and outcomes. 

Protecting Freedom

Ohioans deserve to have their freedoms protected. Whether it’s the freedom to choose whether to become a parent, the freedom to join a union, the freedom to be who they are and love who they love, or the freedom to smoke a joint in their own home, Ohioans have made it known what they want for themselves and for each other. Lawmakers must listen, instead of imposing their own beliefs upon citizens via draconian legislation and sham special elections designed to limit the voters’ will.

Basic Needs

Basic needs—hunger, housing, healthcare, and more—must be met, and that starts with fair wages and solid social safety nets. Life below the poverty line is harder than it needs to be and extremely difficult to escape. Rather than vilify those of us with the least, we must lend a hand to our neighbors so that they might break free of poverty and help grow Ohio’s middle class.

The Middle Class

Our middle class must be protected. No health crisis should bankrupt any family, and neither should a month’s rent or a single missed paycheck. Companies and those Ohioans with the most must pay our fair share to support the society we all want and deserve. We must also ensure older Ohioans receive the support they need to safely age with dignity and frequent joy.

Rights of the Disabled

Fighting for the rights of the disabled is of particular importance to Jessica. Our friends with different abilities deserve the same access and opportunities as any other Ohioans do, and we must not forget them in any conversation about equity, basic needs, or opportunity.

The Environment

As a child of Berea and its abundance of nature, Jessica knows that Ohio’s water, trees, and wildlife must be protected, not destroyed or sold.